A Glorious Contrast- Galatians 3:23-4:7

Intro: Paul covers 3 dispensations of time in the span of 15 verses. The key to understanding the third (grace) is to understand Biblically the first two (promise and law)! There are five propositions that Paul has already introduced that we must be reminded of as we begin.


Proposition #1- All men of all ages fall short of God’s righteous character both by nature and in practice.

Proposition #2- The solution to proposition #1 is the same for all ages. It is justification by grace through faith.

Proposition #3– God’s eternal law and the Mosaic law are not the same.

Proposition #4- The Mosaic law was given to the Israelites for a specific purpose and that purpose was fulfilled in and by Christ

Proposition #5- Understanding the people and purpose of the law is vital to appreciating our position and practice under grace


  • Contrast in position (26) 


  • Contrast in power (27) 


  • Contrast in people (28) 


  • Consistency of promise (29) 


Conclusion: Let us praise the Lord for His glorious provision of grace and let us live by grace not by works!