Introduction: An accusation that is often leveled against us who believe that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone is the charge of “easy believism” The Apostle Paul faced this same charge almost 2,000 years ago and responds to his accusers. What do we learn from his response?

  • We are to be ambassadors not politicians! (1:10-11)
    • Our message
  • We are to be agents not authors (1:12-17)
    • Our method
  • We are to be doctors not coroners (1:18-24)
    • Our motive
  • We are to be leaders not followers (2:1-14)
    • Our model


Conclusion: We must be faithful ambassadors of the Gospel of Grace allowing God to work through us as we proclaim His gospel to the lost and dying without compromising the truth of that gospel in any way. Who are we persuading and who are we pleasing?