Introduction: The value, brilliance and beauty of a diamond is judged by 4 C’s: carat, clarity, color and cut. Paul holds up the gospel of grace reminding the Galatian believers of its incomparable value, brilliance and beauty by proclaiming the 4 “C’s” that separate it from any other “gospel”: cost, character, conclusion, and concern.


  • A beautiful reminder: The gospel of grace described (1:1-5)
    1. Cost of grace (1:1, 4a)
    2. Character of grace (1:4b)
    3. Conclusion of grace (1:3)
    4. Concern of grace (1:5)
  • A bold exhortation: The gospel of grace defied (1:6-9)
    1. grace deserted (1:6) 
    2. grace distorted (1:7) 
    3. grace defended (1:8-9)

Conclusion: What are you resting upon? The grace of God so brilliantly described or the works of the law? As those who are saved by grace we must not turn back to law defying the very truth by which we have life. We must not exchange the diamond for a worthless rock!