Intro: Distinctions matter! This is true in the created world. When the evolutionist says that man evolved from apes based upon the similarities in DNA he is failing to take into account several important differences. The same principle must be used when we deal with the truths of Scripture.


  • The superiority of grace and inferiority of law in regards to being declared righteous (2:15-17)
    1. Revealed in scripture
    2. Revealed by direct revelation
    3. Revealed through experience 
  • The sufficiency of grace and insufficiency of law in regards to Christian living (2:18-21)
    1. The provision for sanctification (19)
    2. The process of sanctification (20)
    3. The problem of sanctification (20-21) 

Conclusion: A case study! Let’s apply these truths from this passage to the argument that teaches that justification guarantees sanctification.