Intro: Great freedom in the life of a believer is found in the comprehension of the difference between law and grace and the reality that one is no longer under law!


  • Law and Promise (15-18)
    1. Permanence of promise (15)
    2. Priority of promise (16-18)
    3. Provision of promise (21-22)
  • Law and Purpose (19-25)
    1. People of the Law (19)
    2. Point of the Law (19; 21; 23; 24)
    3. Passing of the Law (19; 25)
  • Law and Position (26-29)
    1. Position is separate from the law (26)
    2. Position empowers us to fulfill the law (27)
    3. Position provides equality (28)
    4. Position fulfills promise (29)

Conclusion: Rejoice! For we are no longer under law and its incessant demands. Grace provided for our salvation and it is the basis for our sanctification as God works in us that which we could never accomplish on our own!